Statistics on Average Hourly Manufacturing Rates

Manufacturing is mostly referred to the utilization of different tools, machines, and labor for producing different kinds of goods in order to sell or use. The term may be referred to a full range of human activities varying from handicraft to high tech, though is most mostly applied to industrial production, in which raw materials are converted into finished goods on a broad scale. Such finished goods may be utilized for manufacturing further or more complicated products, including household appliances, aircraft or automobiles, or sold to wholesalers, who sell these goods to the other retailers, who then sell them to end consumers. Here is a report showing statistics on Average Hourly Manufacturing Rates as per 2015 facts and figures. This statistical report will highlight :

Statistics on Average Hourly Manufacturing Rates

Statistics on Average Hourly Manufacturing Rates by Country

Average Hourly Manufacturing Rates Hourly Rate
Norway $57.53
Switzerland $53.20
Belgium $50.70
Denmark $45.48
Sweden $43.81
Germany $43.76
Finland $42.30
Austria $41.07
Netherlands $40.92
Australia $40.60
France $40.55
Ireland $36.30
Canada $35.67
United States $34.74
Italy $33.41
Japan $31.99
United Kingdom $29.44
Spain $26.60
Greece $22.19
New Zealand   $20.57
Israel $20.12
Singapore $19.10
Korea $16.62
Argentina $12.66
Portugal  $11.72
Czech Republic $11.50
Slovakia $10.72
Brazil $10.98
Estonia $9.47
Hungary $8.40
Taiwan $8.36
Poland $8.01
Mexico $6.23
Philippi  $1.90

Source & Verification

  • Source : Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Verification Date :  December 26th, 2015

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