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As the business sector has become the backbone for many nations, its importance has also increased all over the world. Though, competition and advancement has also increased that has made business sector more competitive and advanced for all the countries. Out of different advancements in business, Business cards are also a great step that can help improving the business. These cards bear the business information of an individual or firm. These cards are distributed and shared among the formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. Formally,  a number of cards were simple black text on white stock; while, today a professional business card will mostly have one or more striking visual designs. AccuStatistics has prepared a Business Card Statistics as per the latest facts and figures.

The report displays :
  • The percentage of business cards that get thrown away ?
  • The number of business cards that are produced daily
  • Statistics on business cards ?
  • Business Cards research study ?

Business Card Statistics 2016 statistics

Business Card Statistics

Facts Figures
No. of Business Cards Printed in the United States Annually 10,000,000,000
Np. of Business Cards Printed Daily 27,397,260
Percentage of Business Cards handed out that will be thrown out in less than a week 88 %
Company sales increase for every 2,000 cards passed out 2.5 %

Reasons Stated by People for throwing out Business Card

Facts Figures
When Someone don’t need any service provided by card giver 63 %
When someone don’t want to do business with specific card giver 24 %
Added information into digital contact list 9 %
Other Reasons 4 %
Prospective customers carry on to a color card 10 times longer than a standard white card

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