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Founded on January 18th, 2000, Baidu, Inc. is a very famous Chinese web services company that is equivalent to Google in China. It is headquartered in Beijing’s Haidian District.Baidu is widely famous as the largest search engine in China that is earning more than $49 billion annual revenue. It has more than 24 million daily search queries. So how does Baidu compare to Google? With more than 40,500 employees, it boasts to be the greatest search engine in China that holds a great share in the annual searches of world’ most populated country china. In this article, we have provided you with the most recent Baidu Company statistics as per 2016 facts and figures.

Baidu is offering a broad range of services, counting a Chinese search engine, audio, and image files. It is providing about 57 search and community services containing Baidu Baike (an online, collaboratively developed encyclopedia) and a searchable, keyword-based debate forum. Baidu was formed by Eric Xu and Robin Li in 2000. Both of the co-founders are Chinese citizens who studied and served overseas earlier reverting to China. In March 2015, Baidu was given the 4th rank overall by Alexa Internet rankings. This statistic report of Baidu company covers the following aspects:

  • What are the daily searches on
  • Statistics of Baidu Chinese search engines.
  • Baidu vs. Google statistics?
  • Annual unique visitors and demographics of

Baidu Company Statistics 2016 facts and figures

Baidu Company Statistics 2016 Facts and Figures

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Baidu Company Profile and Facts Figures
Establishment Date January 1, 2000
Annual revenue $49,052,000,000
Percentage of China’s Search Engine Market Share 56.6 %
Annual Searches on Baidu Search Engine 9,101,280,000
The offering price at Initial Public Offering (IPO) $27
No. of Monthly Unique Visitors from the United States 2,652,036
Unique Visitors Compete Rank 792
Baidu’s Android app daily downloads on the Baidu App Store 130,000,000
Total Employees 40,500
Baidu’s mobile search service  active user Per Month 500,000,000
Baidu Mobile app daily active users 70,000,000
Total Indexed pages 740,000,000

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