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Today, Android is known as one of the most famous and used mobile operating systems in the world. Google develops this widely renowned mobile phone operating system. This operating system is primarily designed for touch screen phone devices including tablet computers and smartphones. Android uses touch inputs that loosely reply to real-world operations, like tapping, swiping, pinching, and reverse pinching to handle a virtual keyboard and the screen objects. As of 2011, Android has the greatest installed base of any mobile OS and as of 2013, its devices further sell higher than Windows, iOS, and Mac OS devices collectively. As of July 2013, the Google Play store has had more than 1 million Android apps published, and over 50 billion apps downloaded. As per a recent developer survey, about 71% of mobile developers work for Android. Here in this article, we are going to publish the most recent Android Phone Statistics as per 2016 facts and figures. This report will highlight the following aspects:

  • Statistics of google android phones?
  • How many Android phones are sold?
  • What is the Percentage of smartphone market does android?
  • Statistics on Smartphone market share
  • No. of Android phones activated worldwide?
  • How many Android apps are there?
  • Statistics on Android apps
  • No. of People Having an Android Phone in the World?

Android Phone Statistics 2016 facts and figures

Android Phone Statistics 2016 Facts and Figures

Facts Figures
No. of Total Droid Phones Sold in the World 1,675,450,00
Percentage of smart phone market held by Droid Phones 46.7 %
Average number of Android Phones activated daily 355,000
Total No. of Android Apps 1,760,800
Percentage of Android Apps that are FREE to use 62 %
Percentage of Android Apps that are games 15 %
Average number of new Android apps released every month 15,000

Source & Verification

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  • Verification Date :  March 17th, 2015

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